We live in an era where we have various means of communication thanks to technology. There are video conferences, Skype, facetime and many more ways where one can communicate. You might question the need for travelling for business purposes when there are so many other options.  Even though technology has given us great ways to stay connected with people all over the world, nothing can compare to face-to-face interaction.

Business travels are beneficial for companies but they have their challenges: travelling can be quite stressful sometimes, from delayed flights to delayed or lost luggage, overbooked flights, losing belongings, long transits, jet lag and the list goes on and on.

Besides the challenges, there are a number of reasons why business travels are beneficial to companies: Business travels are a way to boost the success of the company because you can build relationships, give a good impression and network. Because of its benefits, it is important for employers to make business travel more enjoyable for employees.

It is important to make business trips more enjoyable for employees because it is proven that the stress of going on business trips internationally reduces work productivity by 38%. It is hard for employees that go to a foreign country where they are unfamiliar with the language and culture. It adds more pressure than they already have. Employers can help reduce stress and thus help them be more productive by making the trips more pleasurable.

Now that it’s agreed that work trips are essential for the success of businesses, how can employers make the trips more enjoyable for the employees?

There are different things an employer can do. Creating an easy and quick planning process for the trips and providing a comfortable budget will reduce the stress levels. Also offering a range of options of flights and accommodations will give more control to the employees but the company can, at the same time, control the costs. Booking a serviced apartment will also increase comfort. It provides extra space and it can make someone feel at home and relaxed which changes one’s experience. There are also ways how employees can make their stay feel more like home click here to find out how.

Enjoyable business trips are important because it leads to happier employees. Having happy employees is vital to companies due to its many benefits. According to research conducted by the University of Warwick, happy employees are more productive. Alexander Kjerulf is the founder of Woohoo and an expert about happiness at work. He claims that happy employees complain less, fix more problems, are more creative, learn faster, are more motivated. Happy employees mean more creative employees and according to a professor at Harvard Business School, creativity is crucial for business successes.

Work trips are inevitable, putting effort as a company in making the trips more pleasant will pay off. Killing two birds with one stone: a booming business and happy employees!

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By Sahar Tahib




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