People are travelling around the world to explore, learn and enjoy new places, cultures, languages, for their own personal growth. Everyone travels in their own way, whether that is by getting a hotel, an apartment, a room, or with a camper. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to travelling and how they will be spending their time in the city or country. 

There are two differences made when it comes to the people travelling, namely, the tourist and the global nomad. Well, at least global nomads make that distinction themselves.

Global Nomads

Global nomads have the desire to connect with the country.

Global nomads like and want to be called a global nomad, global citizen, traveller or if they are backpacking a backpacker. For now, we’ll just be using the word, global nomad.

A global nomad is someone who is well travelled. They travel frequently, usually for an extended period, and have the desire to connect with the country. They stay at local accommodations, join locals in their daily routine, connect with local educators, professionals and community members to learn firsthand about their culture, history and language. They want to learn and grow from their experience in another country and take what they have learned and share that with their community, whether that is back at home or online. They want to know how locals live their lives. Global nomads want to meet people in their homes, have authentic meals and contribute to their community in any way possible. A global nomad will do some research into the country before going and will even learn a few phrases to show their gratitude. For example, greetings, thank you’s and how to address someone. 


Tourists often don’t stray too far from the hotel.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, the definition of a tourist is: ‘’someone who visits a place for pleasure and interest, usually on a holiday.’’ In addition, a tourist does not travel frequently and travels mostly during the holidays. They often travel to a city or country that can offer them something special that their country or city can’t offer, for example, good weather or beaches. They will mostly stay in the hotel and will not stray too far from it. Tourists usually stay in the city centre, join in activities offered by the hotel and visit the hotspots. A tourist will want all the comforts they have at home available in other countries, including food. A tourist will visit restaurants with a familiar menu or dine at the hotel. 



At the end of the day, we all want to visit new places, explore, learn and enjoy ourselves. The only difference is how we do it. What works for you might not work for another and we should not shame one another for that. Just remember the next time you are travelling, whether as a tourist or a global nomad, we all want to have an amazing experience! 



By Naziha Bentouhami 



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