Besides the delightful architecture, a broad assortment of great restaurants and vivid nightlife, São Paulo is often not seen as a go-to tourist destination when thinking about Brazil, especially in comparison to Rio de Janeiro. However, São Paulo is definitely one of the most important business cities in Latin America. We’ll explain why you should consider São Paulo as a candidate for your next business trip!

First and foremost, São Paulo is the financial centre of Brazil. The state of São Paulo is the richest state of Brazil, and, interestingly, if São Paulo were a country itself, it would have an economy that would surpass countries like Belgium. In 2015, São Paulo ranked 12th in startup ecosystems in the world according to The 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking. Right now, the city has more than 2,700 active startups and is the only Latin American city that holds this title. Therefore, São Paulo is by far the most developed business city in Brazil. Many organizations house their headquarters in Sao Paulo, such as the leading retailer in Europe Carrefour and video-on-demand provider Netflix.

As mentioned before, São Paulo has a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities. Issues in the country influenced many people to become problem-solvers and look for solutions by themselves. National and international conferences and summits are held in São Paulo almost every week and gather big crowds of creative and motivated people. It is the ideal place to start with your business idea.

Did you know that São Paulo is a massive metropole? And when we say massive, we mean it is huge! According to the World Factbook, 2018, the city has over 21 million inhabitants. In fact, São Paulo has more inhabitants than the Netherlands. This means that you have a broad potential client base to provide service or products to, or, in general, do business with.

For regular travellers, São Paulo also has great options for accommodation. Many of the hotels are currently focusing on business travellers, due to the increasing popularity of the city amongst them. Therefore, many accommodation facilities are adapted to a business traveller point of view, catering to their needs. Additionally, São Paulo is considerably cheaper than other business cities of the world. In comparison, in London or New York, you are likely to pay double the price for the same type and quality of a hotel room.

Brazil, in general, is the most racially diverse countries in the world – 43% of its inhabitants are mixed-race. São Paulo has actually one of the largest immigrant populations in Brazil. This means a lot of diversity inside organizations. You can hire people with different cultural backgrounds, different worldviews, different solutions to problems and ways of working, all due to the diversity present in the city. In result, the recruitment possibilities in this metropole are broad and diverse.

Infrastructure in São Paulo is generally speaking modern and well taken-off. The public transport is well-arranged but, unfortunately, does not reach every part of the city. However, transportation alternatives such as Uber work perfectly fine here and are much faster and, naturally, convenient. Also, the prices of Uber are considerably cheaper than ones in Europe – in São Paulo, for certain trips, you will pay less than 3 euros. São Paulo has 3 airports in the area, and São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport has many international connections. The largest harbour of Latin America, Port of Santos, is located just outside of São Paulo. Due to the well-developed infrastructure,  transportation is not difficult to arrange.

Last, but not least, São Paulo has the ideal weather throughout the year. As businesspeople, we often end up suited-up for our meetings or just for daily work. Luckily, the summers are hot but not extreme for you to melt away in your suit, while winters are rather cool but not freezing. The seasons in São Paulo are perfectly balanced and quite comfortable and pleasant for anyone who does not enjoy extreme climate changes.

São Paulo has a lot of opportunities for local and international business innovation and development, and soon it might gain a spot amongst the largest business centres of the world, such as London, Hong Kong, and Frankfurt. However, for now, it proudly holds the title of the largest business hub of Latin America.


By Wilson Gomes


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