As many of you might already know, the serviced apartment industry has boomed in the past years and has almost reached its maturity. Yet, many people still struggle to understand the difference between a professionally managed serviced apartment, a hotel room and a privately owned apartment.

Short Stay Citizens, a serviced apartment platform, has developed in the past years with the sole purpose to supply serviced apartments, studios and suites to corporate travellers.  In order to help you in understanding the distinction between these types of properties, we want to share our expertise about the industry.


Professionally managed apartments

Generally speaking, these apartments are privately owned and available for both short and long stays. Its convenience becomes even greater when the apartment is booked for a longer period of time. Usually, they provide the same basic services as hotel rooms but additionally, they offer amenities such as fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms or living and working spaces. These extra amenities combined with a more personal touch and service, provide the perfect solution to corporate travels issues. Contrary to privately owned apartments, serviced apartments guarantee and provide full safety during the reservation process to allow the final user to arrive in a safe, organized and fully functional apartment. The companies providing such service enjoy a partnership with the owners of the apartments and this constitutes a fundamental reason why serviced apartments have become the number one choice for corporate travels.

In conclusion, the professionally managed apartments are those accommodations which make you feel at home even when you are far away.

Privately owned apartments

Privately owned apartments are essentially apartments owned by private individuals who decide to rent out those apartments to people. The main difference, in this case, is that these apartments could be rented out for a period much longer than you would expect from a serviced apartments. Therefore, the difference is in the way the apartment is managed by the owner. These accommodations will still include the basic amenities of an apartment in the majority of the cases, but they will not provide all the amenities and the same level of service as the professionally managed apartments.

Hotel rooms

Perhaps, it is the most common type of accommodation existing so far. Most of the people have stayed in a hotel room at least once and know what kind of services are offered by hotels. Although most of the basic services are similar to the ones offered in serviced apartments, they often lack the sufficient space needed by corporate travellers during their trips. It becomes even more important if the trips are extended to several months. For this reason, hotels are losing their grips and their attractiveness towards corporate travellers and their needs.

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By Valerio Marinone, Short Stay Citizens

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